Trust must be earned. Trust in the therapeutic relationship (the rapport between client and counselor), trust in your ability to create better relationships, and trust in yourself. Trust in yourself, the self-confidence to change your life is a primary focus in counseling. This takes courage.
For counseling to work, facing the truth of where you are and where you have been is essential. From this clean slate, you can choose to add new attitudes, behaviors and priorities. 
Hope is an essential part of therapy’s success. At the beginning of therapy, I may need to hold out enough hope for both of us. As we continue, you may find an anticipation of a new kind of life. You may view your situation, your new skills and understanding and your potential in a new light. Mostly you grow into a more true version of yourself.


Whether seeking counseling in Fargo, Moorhead or Valley City, depression, anxiety or PTSD are some of the

most common and uncomfortable struggles that we can experience at some point in

our lives.


Through counseling & treatment, we are

able to help YOU recover motivation, perspective, & joy that you once

had in your life. 

Joy Belzer Insight Counseling Fargo Valley City